Owner and CEO -  arleen@eendusa.com

Owner and CEO - arleen@eendusa.com

Arleen Chafitz

Arleen is the owner of e-End, a Certified Woman Owned Small Business. She provides overall management and direction for the company and she is engaged in strategic planning, marketing strategies, and advising on sales activities. She also directs the Human Resources department.

In the early ’70s Arleen was the co-founder, with her husband Steve, of a marketing and retail enterprise which dominated the consumer electronics market when that industry segment was in its infancy. Arleen was involved in all areas of operations, was instrumental in identifying products, and directed trade show exhibits for the company’s electronics game division. Arleen was a major factor in their company successfully negotiating agreements with leading programmers and world champions in the electronic board game arena.

Her varied background and experience is an integral part of e-End’s stewardship and recycling programs. Arleen’s ability to create a solid team of employees is a major factor in her company’s growth and success. As Owner and CEO, Arleen’s concern for the environment and love of nature sets the overall mission and direction of e-End.


President -  steve@eendusa.com

President - steve@eendusa.com

Steve Chafitz

Steve has been involved in electronics and communications all of his life. He has over 20 years of experience in the recycling of various materials including electronic equipment. Utilizing his recycling and electronic background, he has helped to establish programs covering recycling e-waste plus electronic data destruction and sanitization for numerous federal agencies and private companies. He is a subject matter expert on the safeguarding and sanitization of data residing on equipment and devices taken out of service, plus the recycling of computers and other electronic equipment.

Steve assists federal and state agencies and NGO’s in establishing and implementing policies and procedures required to be compliant with the numerous federal regulations related to safeguarding confidential and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) that resides on equipment being taken out of service. Steve has spoken before numerous groups on how to prevent data breaches from media residing on end-of-life equipment and authored a variety of articles on data security.

Luke LaPenotiere - Director of Information Technology - luke@eendusa.com

Terri Rue-Woods - Compliance Officer  - terri@eendusa.com

Steve Kidwell - Warehouse Manager - skidwell@eendusa.com

Cathie Alexander - Accounting Manager - cathie@eendusa.com

Sue Icenhower - Customer Service Specialist
- sue@eendusa.com

Computer Recycling Drop Off Location:

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