Electronics Recycling Process - Data Destruction Techniques

100% data destruction - data cannot be recovered by any means. (our data destruction is audited by an Independent forensic lab).

e-End offers secure data wiping plus hard drive shredding, or hard drive degaussing with an NSA evaluated degausser.

e-End keeps our clients compliant with GLB, SOX, FACTA, FISMA, HIPAA, ITAR by providing several different solutions for achieving data destruction.

How do we handle your end-of-life electronics?

As an R2:2013 Certified recycler, e-End must follow strict procedures during the entire recycling process, including chain of custody of materials, environmental and public health, worker health and safety, and facility and data security. We have a Zero Landfill Policy for all material handled, so nothing will pose a risk to the health of our environment. None of the material that we process is illegally exported.

Removal of Electronic Storage Media

All items are inspected for any kind of storage media, such as hard drives and memory cards. The media will be removed from these computers, printers and copiers, and moved to our secure destruction area for data sanitization.

Items with non-removable storage, such as cell phones and tablets, are immediately marked for shredding due to the fact that per the NSA, at this time there is no method for completely erasing data saved on a device using a Solid State Device (SSD) to store data - including a factory reset. However, this policy may change once our NSA guidance is updated.

Because e-End is AAA Certified for the destruction of data on hard drives plus all other electronic and non-paper media by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), we can certify that 100% of data is destroyed and cannot be recovered. Also, for customers that require proof that we have received and destroyed the data-containing media, we can issue a Certificate of Certified Data Destruction.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Since the highest level of recycling is reuse, our IT specialists will evaluate all items for possible refurbishment. The units will then be made available for donation to non-profits, or offered for sale at an excellent value when compared to buying new.

If an item doesn’t meet our criteria for reuse, it is sent for processing with our demanufacturing team. We will break the item down to its core components, such as wires, metal cases, plastic shells and circuitry. These components are then sent to our approved processors who have been vetted to ensure they meet our same strict policies for environmental protection.

e-End Data Destruction Techniques

We are AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction for the physical destruction and sanitizing of all non-paper media. We perform these tasks at our secure facility in Frederick, MD or onsite at our client’s facility.

The NSA has vetted both our facility and evaluating our data sanitization procedures.

e-End meets the highest standards related to the sanitization of electronic media, with all methods adhering to NSA and NIST 800-88 R1 guidelines for sanitizing and destroying data.

Our services also help to keep commercial entities and federal agencies in compliance with ITAR and other demilitarization regulations.

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Secure Data Wipe

Secure data wiping utilizes specialized software developed by the NSA and the Center for Magnetic Memory Research (CMMR), and approved by NAID, to securely overwrite existing data on hard drives. By performing this wipe, data is 100% destroyed and cannot be recovered.

This solution allows for the drive to be completely wiped, but still be re-used. This is the most cost effective method for our clients requiring hard drive sanitization


Hard Drive Degaussing

Degaussing magnetic media involves subjecting it to an extremely powerful magnet to erase the data stored on the media.

For hard drives, e-End utilizes a NSA-evaluated degausser with 13,500 gauss. Other degaussing equipment is used for backup tapes and other magnetic media.

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When hard drives are degaussed with e-End’s degausser, 100% of the data is destroyed and the hard drive is rendered inoperable and unable to be used again.

Other magnetic media, including tapes but excluding hard drives, in most cases can’t be re-used once degaussed.

Although not necessary following degaussing, some clients prefer (or are required) to have the media physically destroyed — which we do by shredding or incineration.

e-End’s proprietary and portable shearing equipment


e-End’s proprietary and portable shearing equipment offers a cost effective solution for onsite destruction of small quantities hard drives and other media, plus larger devices requiring destruction such as weapons, armor and other security-sensitive items.

the items or devices can be brought back to our secure facility in Frederick, MD for shredding

Once shearing is complete, the item or device will be completely unusable for its originally intended purpose, and can only be used for scrap recycling.

If requested, the items or devices can be brought back to our secure facility in Frederick, MD for shredding.

e-End utilizes a low speed, high torque shredder for destroying media and a wide variety of material


e-End utilizes a low speed, high torque shredder for destroying media and a wide variety of material. Items that can be shredded include hard drives, laptops, blade servers, military equipment, weapons and many other devices.

Per NIST guidelines, hard drives may be destroyed by shredding without prior degaussing. However, with very specialized equipment, data may still be able to recovered from hard drives that are not degaussed before shredding.

Once shredding is complete, the item or device will be completely unusable for its originally intended purpose, and can only be used for scrap recycling.

e-End utilizes a federally-licensed incineration facility


For those items that require incineration for final disposition, e-End utilizes a certified facility for incineration.

So before you’re tempted to leave your used electronics in a box at the front of a retail store or sell your items online to the highest bidder, think about what the ultimate outcome could be. Contact us to find out how we can provide you piece of mind for your personal data and positive environmental stewardship for your end-of-life electronics.

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